Aluminium Landing Net

All handles in our landing net range are manufactured using a strong 8 sided extruded aluminium construction technique that features a thicker than standard side wall. The net frame also features thicker than standard tubular aluminium for added strength. Using clever design, at the push of a button, you can either quickly remove the frame from the handle or simply slide the handle up into the net frame. This compact design feature makes transportation in the boot of your car, or storage in your boat, a breeze. Need a longer handle?, we have ‘em. Not only do we have a big range of one piece fixed length handles but we also have 2 piece extendable handles up 2.7 metres. Add a 2.7 metre handle to your chosen net frame and your extending out well over 3 metres. Fitted with a non slip rubber grip on the handle end and an easy to replace net system, you have one of the best nets on the market.

Features Include:

  • Handle pushed up inside frame
  • Removable handle. (Push button)
  • Soft rubber grip on handle
  • Twist lock extension handle
  • Strong 8 sided tube
  • Specifications:

Handle - 1.0m and 1.3m Frame size - 480 x 465mm Mesh size - 40mm Mesh style - Nylon Net drop - 800mm