Billmark Awesome 9 1/2'' Lure

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Awesome by name, awesome by nature. If you're looking for a skirted lure to target small to mid-size black marlin, striped marlin, southern bluefin and yellowfin tuna, plus big albacore, look no further than the Billmark Awesome. This Hawaiian style head is a bit of an Apollo/Plunger hybrid, combining the best of both designs in a mean little fish-catching package.

The Awesome throws out a massive smoke trail, works well in all positions, but produces best on the short 'rigger or in the wild water of the short corner.

Like all the new generation Billmark lures, the heads are available in mirror, foil and Paua (abalone) shell inserts, and feature distinctive eyes set in clear, mauve or resin heads. The leader tube is nylon, which will keep leader fray at bay.