Black Pete 7691S Shackle Rigs

Making your own double hook trolling lure rigs can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating exercise, so to give anglers less time at the rigging bench and more time out on the blue water, Black Pete have released their own range of trolling lure double hook shackle rigs. The Shackle Rigs come with two Mustad 7691S hooks rigged on a D shackle at about 30 degrees off-centre, but by undoing the shackle and turning the second hook around, it's possible to change it to an 'up-down' hook rig for anglers who like an each-way bet. The Shackle Rigs come rigged with 20 feet of 300-600 pound Momoi leader on 7/0 to 12/0 hooks (depending on the size of the lure and the line class being fished). Each Shackle Rig is supplied complete with a matching crimp and piece of chafe tube, so all that is needed is a lure and a pair of crimping pliers and it's ready to start catching fish. For anglers chasing smaller fish on lighter tackle, Black Pete also do a light tackle shackle rig with light gauge Mustad 76GLS stainless hooks in sizes 8/0 to 10/0 on 20 feet of 300 pound fine diameter leader. And for anglers who like stiff double hook rigs without shackles, Black Pete have Mustad 7691S hooks in sizes 7/0 to 12/0, rigged at either 0 or 180 degrees.