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Black Pete Jig Storage Bag

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Black Pete Deepwater Jig Storage Bag

Jigging has come full circle it seems, and the energetic fishing craze of the late 1970s and early '80s has been re-born in the modern era with a range of new rods, reels, lines and of course jigs. The hit list has expanded from just yellowtail kings to include giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, samson fish, amberjack, wahoo and less pelagic fish like coral trout and a host of other demersal species.

Jiggers of yesteryear used to store their jigs by hanging them over and inside the lip of a heavy-duty bucket, which is fine on a boat, but not much good if you want to travel, and jiggers these days definitely have their sights set on fishing the far horizons.

To address this storage problem we now have the Black Pete Deepwater Jig Bag. Measuring 23 x 40 centimetres, it has 33 individual compartments to hold jigs from smaller broader jigs that flutter on the descent and retrieve, up to 30 centimetre-long 400 gram knife jigs that rely on all-out speed to produce fish.

Given the weight contained within a full jig bag is quite considerable, the sides are rigid to maintain its shape and all stitching is heavily reinforced nylon. The individual lure compartments are made of breathable mesh so damp lures won't rust, and the wallet has an adjustable heavy-duty clasp.

There is also a double utility pocket for holding spools of spare leader, ten removable Ziploc style bags for storing terminals such as split rings, swivels, spare assist hooks and the like, so it's the complete jigging tackle centre.