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Black Pete Tackle Wallets

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For travelling anglers or even small boat fishos who don't have room for built-in tackle lockers or tackle boxes underfoot, these Black Pete Trace and Tackle Wallets are an absolutely brilliant solution to their terminal tackle storage problems. There are three sizes available (small, medium and large) and a combination of breathable woven nylon mesh, tough vinyl pockets, strong stitching and aggressive hook grip closures mean these wallets are built to last. They are capable of storing all manner of tackle items, from pre-cut or ready-rigged leaders for light to heavy tackle, and other types of terminal gear like spare bait jigs, crimps, hooks, swivels, even tag cards. The inner sides of the wallet have three built-in pouches and each model comes with five heavy-duty clear vinyl pockets. The pockets are fixed in place with hook grip and can be easily removed, so it's possible to have a number of different ones filled with a variety of specific leaders or tackle items, depending on what species are being targeted on any given day. Then again, if you like to travel with your complete tackle inventory, the wallet comfortably accommodates an additional two sets of pockets! The vinyl pockets have extra strong ziplock style closures, and additional ones are widely available from all the good tackle stores that stock Black Pete products.