Coleman Jug 2.7L Xtreme

Great for tradies on the job or those heading out for a picnic, the Coleman Xtreme 2.7L Jug works wonders to ensure your thirst is well and truly quenched wherever you are.

Made from high quality polyurethane foam for great insulation to keep your drink colder for longer, the Xtreme 2.7L is an ergonomically designed jug with a polyethylene shell for durability and enhanced cooling. Simply slip into the freezer the night before use for an ice cold liquid refreshment the next day.

Drinking from the Coleman Xtreme is easy with a pour spout to neatly dispense your beverage into the handy drinking cup provided or by drinking directly from the big mouth opening.

  • Durable Polyethylene shell
  • Polyurethane Foam insulation
  • Handy drinking cup
  • Big mouth opening
  • Pour spout with lid
  • Carry handle