Coleman Lantern Push 450

When the power fails and all you’ve got is a measly scented candle your Auntie gave you for Christmas to light your way – you’ll wish you had the sense to get a Vanquish Push 450 Lantern from Coleman while you could.

The Vanquish Push 450 is a humble but tough lantern that’s an absolute lifesaver in a blackout. Equally as useful to take on a camping trip, these models feature a lifetime LED bulb, and have a clever battery lock system that enables you to disengage the battery when not in use. This is great for the occasional user, as you can store it away for when you need it and know the battery will stay functional for future use.

The tough exterior will survive being thrashed around in your tent, and the occasional bump in the dark for you clumsy folk out there as it’s been impact tested at 2 metres. With three modes, you can light up your whole tent on high, flick it on low when you need to find something in the middle of the night, and put in on flashing for emergencies (or a disco, nothing’s stopping you).

  • Bail handle
  • Lifetime LED bulb
  • Rugged exterior for toughness and durability over time
  • 3 modes –high low and flashing
  • 3D batteries
  • Push button to turn on and off