Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun

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Comanche has been the world champion spear gun in 1988, 1992 and 2004, and it’s still a fantastic, reliable and precise spear gun. It has been especially valued by competition fishers that expect it to be always of great functioning, to have no problems and a minimum sophistication level.

This head, with proverbial ergonomics, is very versatile for all kinds of fishing and shot in any position. Quick and soft hook of the rod with cassette mechanism, hard and reliable that admits any kind of rod with a great tolerance to different heights, finishes and mechanisms. Very integrated, discreet and effective retractile cable holder on the angle between the trigger guard and the beginning of the tube’s basis. Handle in anti-sliding grey-silver thermoplastic rubber for a good relationship discretion / background visibility. Burden support, bayonet reel fixation system, 4 different rope grips.

Especially rigid anticorodal aluminum tube of ø28mm with circle section, a solution that offers a good compromise between non-deforming, low productive cost and movement facility in all directions under water. So, it’s a really handy, agile and polyvalent spear gun.

New compact, minimalist and hydrodynamic headboard made to minimize the rubber’s erosion at this delicate point. It allows using double rubber. The hook of the rubbers is in axis with the tube to make traction perfectly in axis. The visibility offered by the headboard is excellent and the aiming maneuver is precise, quick and intuitive. Stainless steel guide for the rope or nylon integrated in the headboard.

Quick rubber S45 of optimal quality in pure black latex with 18mm diameter and pure Dyneema howitzer with 360 Kg resistance. Assembly with pure Dyneema of Ø1 mm and articulated Abellán howitzer.

Tempered steel plug rod 16 4 PH of 7mm diameter. Dark finish.

75, 90, 100, 110, 120 cm.