Dive Flag Float

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The team at Mirage are dedicated to making your next water experience safer and more enjoyable, with products such as their latest Dive Flag With Float. This dive flag is a simple and highly effective device which is placed in the water and alerts marine traffic that you are diving in the area. The float makes for ease of use, and ensures that the flag remains noticeable in the water, no matter how long you are down for. When finished, simply deflate the inflatable body, and store it away in your bag or on the boat, ready to be used the next time you get out into the water. This dive flag, with dimensions of 24 x 30cm, is the perfect size and guarantees that nearby boats are aware of your presence. Such a simple device can make the world of difference, so don’t hesitate to prioritise you and your loved ones' safety this summer. Thanks to the team at Mirage, dangers can be minimised with the highly practical Dive Flag With Float.

Safety device to alert marine traffic
24 x 30 cm.