Dream Carbon SUP Paddle


A super lightweight and versatile paddle, this adjusts from 180cm to 220cm with an easy clip mechanism.

If you are sharing a paddle among several people but still want a super lightweight and rigid paddle, this could be for you.


This is a brand new carbon fibre SUP paddle. This is a high-performance paddle constructed of carbon fibre in a world-class facility. 

Carbon fibre is great for stand up paddle boarding because of it's strength and light weight. This carbon fibre SUP paddle is a true Featherweight Champion!

This SUP paddle comes in two pieces. The blade and shaft is one piece, and the handle is the other piece. Use the following rule of thumb to work out your optimal length, and then simply cut the shaft to your size using a hacksaw. You can then use hot glue or Araldite to fix the handle to the shaft.

The rule of thumb is: Flip the paddle upside down. Rest the handle on the ground. Where the paddle blade starts to spread from the paddle shaft it should be about eye level.