Dream Catcher 4 Kayak Package

The Dream Catcher 4 Fishing Kayak by Dream Kayaks is the new gold standard in 3m fishing kayaks. It’s just that little bit bigger than the endless array of 2.7m kayaks, and this extra bit of size makes a world of difference! At 304cm in length and with a technical shaped keel and underside giving it a load capacity of 160kg, this kayak offers an excellent fishing platform. Standing up is easy on this yak, which is 82cm wide. Up on the deck, the seat recess is very wide. Two net pockets are easily within reach to stash your pliers and other necessities. Two 8-inch hatches with catch bags add to the storage, but the enormous rear storage well (80cm long x 50cm wide at widest point) is where you really notice a massive increase in storage options. Plus this yak is Railblaza-Ready! Meaning it has 4 custom mounts for Railblaza StarPorts. These are brass threaded inserts moulded into the hull of the yak. So no more drilling into your brand new yak just to put a camera or transducer mount on it!