Ecooda Gaff Hook with Scale

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Getting big fish safely into your boat or onto your kayak can be tricky business, particularly if they have lots of sharp teeth – think mackerel or wahoo. These fish are often too big to net, and long gaffs can be very hard to handle, particularly if you’re trying to manage the rod and land the fish by yourself.

So what is the solution to this problem? Ecooda Lip Gaffs.

Ecooda lip gaffs are easy to manage one handed, allowing you to comfortably lift and control large, fiesty fish. Best of all Ecooda lip gaffs come complete with a sliding tube scale allowing you to weight your catch in an instant.

These top quality lip gaffs are made from the very best materials and are built to last. Available in both 30lb (14kg), Ecooda lip gaffs are a must have for every serious angler.

Stainless Steel Gaff Hooks with Tube Scale

Available in 30lb/14kg