Ecooda Havok V2 Reel

Size Bearings Drag Rating Gear Ratio Capacity Weight
2000 7+1 6kg 5.1:1 PE 3/110m 270g
2500 7+1 6kg 5.1:1 PE 3/110m 270g
3000 7+1 6kg 5.1:1 PE 3/150m 260g
4000 7+1 10kg 5.1:1 PE 3/220m 290g

Ecooda fishing reels are known for their feature packed, innovative designs and the Havok series of reels are no different. Just check out the amazing list of features that these reels offer from the Ecooda FDT friction free drive train and LNG low noise gearing, through to SSS spool for increased drag power and of course the sensational DDH direct drive handle which screws onto the main gear for increased power and performance.