Ecooda Live Shrimp 70mm Lure

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The Ecooda Live Shrimp lures are so lifelike you’ll find it hard to resist eating them yourself!

Glow in the dark eyes, built in rattle, tear resistant.

But it gets worse. Tie a line to them, cast them into the water and watch them swim. They look so natural you’ll start to wonder if they really are alive.

The secret to their incredibly realistic action is a closely guarded secret, but we can tell you that it in part lies in the material that is used in their construction, and the segmented body that gives them such a natural swimming action. Of course the eyes and legs that sway gently in the water all help add to the ‘living’ effect.

The Ecooda Live Shrimp works pretty much anywhere, anytime. But where it really comes into its own is on those days when the fish are timid and holding close to structure. Here the lifelike action entices the fish to strike, but only if you can get the lure in front of them. For this reason the Live Shrimp come pre-rigged on weedless hooks, allowing you to cast deep into structure where other lures fear to tread.

Now we’re not saying that you’ll never get snagged, because it is still possible. But the design of these lures helps to make it very, very unlikely.

What the design also does is increases your chance of hooking that fish of a lifetime. Just be careful not to eat them