Ecooda Mini Pop

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Ecooda Mini Pop Lure

Relatively speaking it’s only recently that we have discovered Whiting will smash a popper well worked over the flats. Now we throw poppers at just about anything, and just about anything will attack them with relish and gusto.

The Ecooda Mini Pop Lure is an great choice of fishing lure for working the top water in rivers and estuaries. The bubble and bloop delivered by the famous concave nose shape creates the sort of commotion that sees the laziest of fish stand too. Brilliant for casting on light spin gear, the Ecooda Mini Pop Lure comes in a colour to match the baitfish in your local estuary. With some brilliant colour designs to choose from, your application is definitely covered. The White bait in particular demonstrates the level of consideration to detail put into the finish.

This is a classic popper for fishing the shallow sand flats, mud flats and weed beds. Little effort is required to extract maximum action and the retrieval technique is simple. It’s a floating bait so it can be cast into and over the snags to coax out those fish hiding, set for ambush that maybe hanging a little deeper in the water column.

Fish the racks for Bream, particularly on a moving tide as the current delivers food washing over the racks. If the water is shallow enough, you may even encourage a flathead from the bottom. Don’t worry, he sees your Ecooda Mini Pop Lure perfectly. He hears it too.

The Ecooda Mini Pop Lures are a perfect size for Bass. This aggressive hunter is well known for attacking surface lures with serious power. Cast from the bank, boat or kayak but be sure to have a few colours on hand to ensure you can match the mood of the fish.

Whatever you target, if it’s estuary or river based, they’ll attack your Ecooda Mini Pop Lure as if it’s their last meal. Do yourself a favour if your wallet allows and grab a couple for the top tray of your river and estuary lure kit. The Ecooda Mini Pop Lure for sale now is priced to sell. It comes equipped with a licence for unbridled top water action.

Features And Specifications

  • Type: Popper (surface lure)
  • Weight: approx 4.1g
  • Length: 50mm
  • Depth: Top water
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Target Species: Whiting, bream, Australian Bass, Perch, and all other light class regular river and lake fish that will take a surface bait.

Note: Images for illustration only. Price is for 1 item only. Choose the colour you require when ordering.