Ambush 1mm Top - Blue Camo

AMBUSH - an over-powering attack from concealment.

The ability to hide and break-apart their profile provides the Ambush attacker the upper-hand on unsuspecting targets. HammerHead 1mm Ambush Rashguards will blend you into the marine environment allowing you, the attacker, an opportunity to stalk and approach unsuspecting prey. Predator designed with a full-sized chest loading pad the HammerHead Ambush™ 1mm with Hood can be worn singly as a warm water spearfishing top or worn over any wetsuit for an instant cammo-out.

Constructed with a 1 mm neoprene chest and back to reduce evaporative cooling, oversized loading pad, and long sleeve 30+ SPF UV protective lycra arms and lycra hood for added sun and jellyfish protection utilizing the PELAGIC SHATTER Camouflage Pattern.

Don't forget the reinforced amarra gloves in matching PELAGIC SHATTER Camouflage Pattern for added stealth and deception.

• 1 mm Neoprene Chest & Back
• Oversized Chest Loading Pad
• SPF 30+ UV Protective Lycra Arms
• Available in XS- 4X