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Layback Lounger Chair

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Sometimes the best part of leaving the big smoke is getting to sit back, relax and enjoy some quiet away from the hustle and bustle. But in order to pursue this level of leisureliness, you’ve got to have a stellar chair - which is where the Layback Lounger from Coleman comes in.

There’s no worse feeling than when you plonk down on a chair, and the back gives way unexpectedly – thankfully this chair has a safety lock mechanism so you can rest with confidence. You can use the headrest for a nice quiet snooze, or you can move it down to support your lower back if you’ve been a little to gung ho unloading the car. With a discreet fold out drink holder attached, you can recline in your chair and enjoy a nice beverage while you do it.

For the camper who priorities relaxing over rambling – then the Layback Lounger from Coleman will help you recline in your backyard, or in the great outdoors.

  • Fold out drink holder
  • Adjustable/removable headrest
  • Folds flat for storage and transportation
  • Comfortable polyester cover with cord suspension
  • Recliner action with safety lock mechanism