Profishent Tackle Kingfish Longsleeve Shirt

We all like to show off at some point, especially fisherman… how big was it? That’s why the product development team at Profishent Tackle set out to develop a range of fishing shirts for sale that were designed with a purpose, to show off, to stand out and to be different.

Hey Sydney Kingfish anglers take note! and any other kingfish nut, you'll love the impressive new kingfish shirt design, just look at the detail of the kingy and the squid.


  • Profishent Tackle sublimated Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt
  • Amazing designs – Second to none
  • Made from highest quality knitted polyester material
  • Resistant to Fading
  • Soft in feel
  • Light weight and moisture wicking design to keep you cool
  • Perfect for a long day on the water in the sun
  • UPF 30+