Profishent Tackle ST Minnow 55mm


Immediately at only first glance, I see trout, yellowbelly, Australian bass, bream, flathead, mangrove jack and a vast list of additional light-medium class fish all swimming over one another to be first at achieving a bite of the Profishent Tackle ST minnow lure.

The smaller 55mm size is going to be the ideal choice for anglers fishing light with focus placed widely on bream near racks and pylons, flathead on sand flats or trout in lakes and streams. At 55mm in size, I believe Australian bass, yellowbelly and redfin make some other prime species in which the Profishent Tackle ST minnow will deliver results.

The 70mm version will present thrilling action for a larger class of Perch, flathead or trout. However, we add mangrove jack, tarpon, saratoga, threadfin, sooty grunter, tailor and potentially small river barra, jewfish or murray cod to our list of expected foolish fish that are to be spellbound by the rattling, sinking nature of the Profishent Tackle ST Minnow Lure.

Given that the ST minnow is a sinker, it means that you will be more than capable of fishing many depths of the water column. Let your ST minnow descend to your chosen depth then start your retrieve.


  • Size: Choose from either 55mm or 70mm when placing your order
  • Weight: 55mm/approx 5 grams, 70mm/approx 10 grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Hooks: BKK treble hook (mid and rear of lure)
  • Action: Rattling
  • Profile: Minnow – baitfish
  • Suitable for freshwater or inshore saltwater fishing (such as dams, rivers and lakes)
  • UV Enhanced (colours CB, CT, RT and BGO are UV enhanced) all others are non-UV.