Rabitech Reaper 3.5mm Wetsuit

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Made from high quality Japanese Yamamoto foam and Maxi Stretch neoprene which makes it one of the warmest most comfortable wetsuits on the market.

  • High Quality 3.5mm Japanese Yamamoto foam, this is softer and warmer than cheaper options.
  • Maxi Stretch Neoprene, allows for greater comfort and fit.
  • Anatomic cut, fits divers better keeping them warmer and more comfortable.
  • Beefy loading pad, makes loading the gun a breeze.
  • 5mm Supratex knee pads, these are designed to give the best protection, great for those bashing around the rocks.
  • 3.5mm Supratex elbow pads, great protection for your elbows when crawling around on the bottom.
  • 3.5mm Supratex butt padding, extra protection when climbing out of the wash and having to sit on sharp rocks.
  • Pocket on the right thigh, perfect for your knife and torch.
  • Traditional Smooth Skin cuffs
  • Latex Dots on seam joins, to prevent stitching unraveling.
  • Finished in a very natural looking camo pattern allowing you to blend into your surroundings.

 Size Guide:

54 - 171cm-176Cm tall - 71kg-81kg
56 - 176cm-181cm tall - 80kg-90kg
58 - 186cm-191cm tall - 90kg-100kg