Rabitech Stealth Extreme

The Rabitech Stealth Extreme

The twin powerband, open muzzle Rabitech Stealth Extreme has some features which set it apart from similar priced competitors. One it comes with limited life time factory warranty against factory defects, conditions apply and two is its Stealth Barrel. The Stealth Barrel is uniquely designed to suppress noise giving you an advantage in the water. Fish are very sensitive to sound and the loud “chink” on standard guns can spook the fish much more than when firing the Stealth PRO. It’s amazing to hear the difference.

Other features include an unbreakable glass filled nylon handle which encompasses a beautifully designed solid stainless mech and active stainless line release. The handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The mech is solid smooth and silent. Compare it to other guns in the store, when engaging the shaft you can hear and feel the difference compared to the lighter duty counterparts.

Where the Extreme differs from the Stealth PRO is it comes with Twin Orange power Bands, 7.5 mm spear and the Rabitech low profile glass fiber reinforced open muzzle. It also comes with a reel mount making it one nice bit of gear.

Rabitech spears are the preferred spears for Australian divers.

The Spears are high tensile spring steel rated at over 2050 Mpa or which makes them one of the toughest spears on the market. To go along with this the spears are now coming with an HD Ultra coating to protect them for longer.

Finished with smooth notches, a perfect tri cut point and an 86mm South African flopper precisely tuned to maximize your chances of landing your fish.