Rhythm Armor SUP

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The RHYTHM ARMOR  has been tested and proven over the last 4 years in many hire rental/schools and fleets, using the latest in high tech construction, high grade polycarbonates and ABS, utilizing the best adhesives and sealants, you have the ARMOUR PLATED PADDLE BOARD so to speak, a board manufactured for  strength , durability and to last.

THE RHYTHM ARMOR is stronger and more durable than your traditional stand up paddle board construction and requires less maintenance making it a cost effective purchase, especially for the family use, saving you money long term.

The Rhythm Armor outer case is designed to reduce damage caused by impacts, strikes, bumps and the PVC protective rail tape sides reduces paddle impact and damage, this board has a higher impact tolerance than other Stand up Paddle Boards on the market.

Rhythm Armor with its abundant floatation is designed to sit higher in the water creating a more fluent glide through the water, therefore less paddle effort and more stability and speed…

So for a SUP to take for a casual paddle down the creek, Broadwater, lake, river or try your hand at small surf, this is whole family board, boaties love it also.