River 2 Sea Buggi Pop

The River 2 Sea Buggi Pop 35mm is the perfect ultra-lightweight, hard-plastic, surface-popping lure. By producing a walking style action along the surface of the water, fish will come from all over to snatch up this little beauty. The secret to the Buggi Pop is to let the lure sit on the water after casting, and then either slowly retrieve, or twitch lightly to alert fish. This lure is easily controlled, especially in high-snag areas. Perfect for in and around weeds, you will be soon luring in huge bass, murray cod and other fresh water fish. This little lure is great to cast on light gear. An essential addition to your tackle box. Fun, tough and durable, this little dynamo comes in a range of different colours, and will change the way you fish.

  • Use for bass, bream, tarpon, jungle perch, sooty grunter, saratoga & redfin
  • 4g, fitted with ultra sharp Daiichi treble hooks