Rob Allen White Tip Snorkel

The Rob Allen Whitetip Snorkel features a large bore for ease of breathing during repetitive dives and because it is completely flexible in the bore it stops dangerous snagging issues with float lines or rigging. This semi rigid flexible design also helps with divers who wish to chase crayfish as it stops the snorkel from becoming a snagging hazard in overhead cave environments. The softer semi rigid design of the snorkel bore also increases the streamlined hydrodynamic design of the snorkel in the water and eliminates that annoying banging against your head characteristic that similar products are renowned for. The Rob Allen Whitetip Snorkel mouthpiece is made from a soft Hypoallergenic silicone which stops rubbing on your gums and removes issues with jaw fatigue. The Rob Allen Whitetip Snorkel is a perfect addition to your Rob Allen Mask and a great way to complete your spearing package. 


  • Large bore for ease of breathing during repetitive dives
  • Softer semi rigid design eliminates hydrodynamic banging
  • Flexible semi rigid design improves safety by removing snagging hazards
  • Hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece improves comfort and stops jaw fatigue
  • A perfect addition to your Rob Allen mask
  • Includes mask to snorkel figure 8 attachment ring