Samaki Current Line Game Rods

Passionate about game fishing? So are we at Samaki and with a dream to create the best quality line class game rod in its field the Samaki team went all out. It took three years of testing and development to bring you the Samaki Current Line. Current Line consists of 8 models, roller tip and non roller tip in 8kg, 10kg, 15kg and 24kg. They are feature packed with high quality components using Fuji’s heavy duty LRX boat guides, Fuji’s heavy duty DPSH graphite winch on models up to 15kgs or a double anodised soft gold reel seat on 24kg models plus all models come fitted with a heavy duty black anodised gimble, ultra hard EVA grips with slick butt for long term performance.Fuji LRX Boat Guides

  • Fuji DPSH Winch
  • Double Anodised Soft Gold Reel Seat 24kg models
  • Roller Tip & Non Roller Tip Models
  • Heavy Duty Black Anodised Gimble
  • Ultra Hard EVA Grips
  • Slick Butt for Long Term Performance


Current Line 5’6ft

Code Model Length Line Type
1162 Current Line SCL-561SUG08 5’6″  8 kg Non-Roller Tip
1163 Current Line SCL-561SUG10 5’6″  10 kg Non-Roller Tip
1164 Current Line SCL-561SUG15 5’6″  15 kg Non-Roller Tip
1165 Current Line SCL-561SUG24 5’6″  24 kg Non-Roller Tip


Current Line 5’6ft Rollertip

Code Model Length Line Type
1166 Current Line SCL-561SUGRT08 5’6″  8 kg Roller Tip
1167 Current Line SCL-561SUGRT10 5’6″  10 kg Roller Tip
1168 Current Line SCL-561SUGRT15 5’6″  15 kg Roller Tip
1169 Current Line SCL-561SUGRT24 5’6″  24 kg Roller Tip