Wet Stuff Wetsuit Lube

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Cressi Wet Stuff Wetsuit Lube is a 1 kg pump bottle of silicon based sorbolene cream that has been developed for use with open cell neoprene wetsuits. Great for Freedivers, Spearos, Scuba Divers, Triathletes, and Surfers who need help sliding into their wets suits. It simplifies the entry and exit from both wet suits and dry suits.

Sick of using your mum's shampoo? Sick of the way it smells and does it sometimes itch? Wet Stuff Wetsuit Lube is perfect for you.

Pump a generous amount into your wetsuit, pour water into the suit also to mix, shake wetsuit around. Then put on the wetsuit quickly so as to make sure the lube does not run out.

This low irritant formulation product will not harm you or your wetsuit. It contains only low molecular weight food grade and medical grade silicon fluids. No high molecular weight poor blocking silicons are used in this product. It's free from sugars, perfumes, colourings, and oils. Cressi Wet Stuff Wetsuit Lube can also be used to condition and polish neoprene, latex and leather accessories.

Directions For Use

Open Cell Wet Suit Application:

Use the Wet Stuff Wetsuit Lube to make a lubricant mix of 1 part lube to 9 parts fresh water in a 600 ml or 1 litre drink bottle. Shake until well mixed. (Using a pop up lid makes it easier to squirt the wet suit lube mix into your wet suit.)

With the Long-John part of your wetsuit, hold the bottom of the legs with one hand so the lube will not run out, and squirt the wet suit lube mix into the wetsuit with the other hand making sure you get it down both legs. Do not let the bottom of the legs go yet. Put the bottle down and clamp off the top of the longjohn with your spare hand and slosh the lube mix around inside your wetsuit. Let the feet go first and let the lube mix run out the legs as you slide right into the Long-John part of your wet suit.

On the Jacket part of your wetsuit, use one hand to clamp off both wrists and the base of the hood. Squirt the wets uit lube mix into the Jacket making sure you get the lube in both arms. Do not let go of the wrists and hood of the Jacket yet. Put the bottle down and clamp the waist of your wetsuit Jacket with your spare hand. Slosh the lube mix around in side the wet suit Jacket, let the wrist and hood go first and slide into your wet suit Jacket.

Dry Suit Application:

For optimal results, apply to the neck seal, and wrist seals for the easiest entry and exit.