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August 20, 2017 1 min read

Calm conditions meant plenty got out to sea. Snapper are on and moving into the shallow reefs. Good pearl perch out further if you can get through the jackets.  The boats going wide did well on deep water species. Remember this is a finite fishery, bar cod, bass groper and blue eye fall into one bag limit of 5 fish per person or total 10 per boat regardless of anglers.

There are plenty of quality fish around the rocks. Fish light with minimal or no lead to get more bites in calm conditions. Nothing beats an unweighted garfish in the wash for tailor. Large schools of big bream around the gaol, many fish over 1kg.

River continues to fish well on the walls for bream and blackfish. I am still getting flathead on the shallow sections of the wall. Some good mulloway were caught on the full moon and should be coming on again leading up to the new moon.

Visibility increased signifiicantly from less then 5m to 10-15m inshore and up to 20m offshore.

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