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Ocean Hunter Strike Kevlar Glove

The Ocean Hunter Strike Kevlar 2mm Dive Gloves are about as durable as a wetsuit glove can get, there are plenty of kevlar palm and finger neoprene gloves but none of them feature the tape-reinforced seams like these gloves do.  You'll not the shiny lining around the seams, this is heat-pressed onto the seam after the glove has been made [using a standard blind-stitch] which not only greatly improves the durability of the stitch but 

Due to this high level of durability we strongly recommend these gloves to divers, spearfisherman and rock/boat fisherman. They're also proving to be popular in the world of Adventure and Obstacle Course Racing.


Ocean Hunter Strike Kevlar 2mm Dive Glove Features

  • 2mm high stretch neoprene provides superior fit and comfort
  • Kevlar paneling in critical areas ensures protection against the likes of crayfish, spines and sharp gill cavities
  • Tape sealed seams provide unrivaled toughness and product longevity