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Celebrating a 10 year anniversary in 2023, Daiwa?s TATULA rods receive a complete overhaul, elevating performance and reducing weight. Adopting a new SVF Nanoplus blank has been developed, reducing the weight and enhancing responsiveness compared to the previous model. Adoption of X45X Full Shield significantly reduces blank twist creating a rod blank that feels crisp in the hand.

A newly designed Daiwa exclusive reel seat is present on some models, producing a handle that is slimmer, lighter and more comfortable. Fuji?s lightweight LKW and KT Alconite guides outfit the rods perfectly, with adequately sized diameters to handle the heavy leaders often used when Barramundi or Murray Cod fishing.

A growing range, TATULA now encompasses everything from short traditional 6ft barra rods, through to carefully crafted technique-specific models like a 7?6? deep-cranking model for Australian Bass.

If a new baitcast rod is on your horizon anytime soon, the new TATULA range must feature on your list.

X45X FULL SHIELD: X45X Full Shield Technology is 25% more efficient than standard X45 technology. With increased torsional stiffness, blanks armed with X45X resist blank twist during casting & jigging. This characteristic prevents the blank from losing stored energy during the cast, ensuring that every bit of force you put into your cast, is transferred through the blank and ultimately to your chosen lure.

FUJI ALCONITE RING: A special type of ceramic that offers strength, lightness, and durability. Delivering 80% greater compression strength, and 20% lighter than aluminium oxide guides.

FUJI STAINLEES STEEL GUIDES: Light, strong, and highly corrosion resistant, Fuji stainless steel guides are tailor-made for Australia's harsh conditions.

SVF NANOPLUS: Through the use of nano resin technology, SVF Nanoplus blanks are lighter and have increased sensitivity over standard SVF blanks due to their higher carbon density.



23 TATULA 601MHFB Med-Heavy Baitcast 6'0"/183cm Fast 7-28g 5-9kg 1 15540
23 TATULA 601HFB Heavy Baitcast 6'0"/183cm Fast 10-35g 6-12kg 1 15541
23 TATULA 661LFB Light Baitcast 6'6"/198cm Fast 3-14g 2-5kg 1 15542
23 TATULA 661MHFB Med-Heavy Baitcast 6'6"/198cm Fast 7-28g 5-9kg 1 15543
23 TATULA 661HFB Heavy Baitcast 6'6"/198cm Fast 14-40g 6-12kg 1 15544
23 TATULA 691MLRB Med-Light Baitcast 6'9"/206cm Reg 5-18g 3-6kg 1 15545
23 TATULA 702MHFB Med-Heavy Baitcast 7'0"/213cm Fast 7-28g 5-9kg 2(Butt) 15547
23 TATULA 702HFB Heavy Baitcast 7'0"/213cm Fast 15-60g 6-12kg 2(Butt) 15548
23 TATULA 702MLFB Med-Light Baitcast 7'0"/213cm Fast 5-21g 3-6kg 2(Butt) 15549
23 TATULA 722MRB Medium Baitcast 7'2"/218cm Reg 7-28g 4-7kg 2(Butt) 15550
23 TATULA 732HFB Heavy Baitcast 7'3"/221cm Fast Max 100g 9-15kg 2(Butt) 15551
23 TATULA 762MHRB Med-Heavy Baitcast 7'6"/229cm Reg 7-32g 4-7kg 2(Butt) 15552
23 TATULA 782HRB Heavy Baitcast 7'8"/234cm Reg 14-64g 9-15kg 2(Butt) 15554


23 TATULA 691XHFB-SB X-Heavy Swimbait 6'9"/206cm Fast Max 220g 15-24kg 1 15546
23 TATULA 762XHFB-SB X-Heavy Swimbait 7'6"/229cm Fast Max 220g 15-24kg 2(Butt) 15553
23 TATULA 792XXHFB-SB XX-Heavy Swimbait 7'9"/236cm Fast Max 250g 15-24kg 2(Butt) 15555