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Billmark Apollo 12'' Lure

For decades now, the Apollo lure head shape has been the go-to option for most serious blue marlin trollers. While seen as a classic short or long 'rigger lure, the head design of the Billmark Apollo makes it extremely user-friendly wherever it is run, without the headaches associated with other slant head designs that can get a bit temperamental when sea conditions or the direction of travel is changed.

Modern-day versions of the Billmark Apollo have been pimped up markedly, with a choice of foil, mirror or abalone shell inserts. They have large eyes (an important reference point for attacking pelagics), a nylon leader hole, and clear or mauve-tinted resin, which match Billmark's new tangle-free skirts extremely well. The skirts are glued on, but the collars are nicely shaped, so tying is also an option.

The Billmark Apollo is available in 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes, making it suitable for all billfish species, as well as tuna, wahoo and mahi mahi.