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Billmark Destroyer 12'' Lure

The Destroyer is the latest skirted trolling lure from Black Pete Marine. Available in two useful sizes at nine and ten inches, it's going to appeal to the three major billfish species, plus the usual retinue of tasty by-catch - yellowfin and bluefin tuna, wahoo and mahi mahi.

The highly polished head is available in clear, blue and mauve resin tints, has abalone shell, mirror or foil inserts, and the nylon tube is a step up from the more traditional brass and all but eliminates leader fatigue over the course of the fight. The new tangle-free skirts on the Destroyer are hard-wearing and vibrant, and come in a host of fish-catching colours. The skirts are glued in place, but are easily removed to make running repairs and replacements can be tied on if the user wishes.

One of the big pluses with this lure is its versatility. Its long tapered head means it can be run anywhere from the short corner to the long 'rigger and you can expect it to get bit hard. Despite being unweighted, it hangs in there on the roughest of days, much the same way as an Apollo style head does.