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Billmark Dougal 7 3/4'' Lure

The enduring cup-faced chugger design of the Billmark Dougal has it smoking through the water all day, and the short head -barely longer than its distinctive eyes - means that the leading hook of a double hook rig is nice and close by. This is especially important for when billfish especially, attack the head of the lure rather than the body. While we all love to examine those bill scrapes and chips in the resin, we also want to catch the fish!

The 2011 version of Dougal has been given a dramatic makeover and is available in 6, 8 and 10 inch sizes, with a range of colourful Billmark skirts in a variety of proven colour combinations. The heads come in clear or slightly tinted resin, with abalone shell, foil or mirror inserts and a non-wearing nylon leader hole.

Interestingly, the six inch Dougal in the ever-popular 'Big Dog' colour scheme (dark purple and blue over light blue glitter) has absolutely slayed the southern bluefin in South Australia, Victoria and southern New South Wales this year past, so if you're keen to target these great tuna, makes sure you have a couple of Dougal Big Dogs in the lure roll.