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Cressi 3mm Soft Socks

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Features of the Cressi 3mm Soft Socks

The Cressi 3mm Soft Socks are extremely comfortable socks designed to be worn inside of closed heel fins to prevent blisters. They also aid you in keeping your feet warm, a lot of your body’s heat is released from your feet so keeping them warm allows you to stay in the water longer as you stay warmer.

The inner is lined in Metal lite so they are easy to put on while the sole of the Cressi Soft Socks has an effective non-slip lining. This will give you much better grip on slippery surfaces.

The Soft Fin Socks are often used in spearfishing fins as these tend to be a harder rubber and the 3 mm cushions your feet.

Many scuba divers will also wear these fin sock inside of their dive boots to extra warmth. Whether you are jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling or fishing off the rocks, these socks will be perfect for warmth, grip and general safety. Something every water sports enthusiast needs!