Cressi Matrix Mask

New evolution of the extremely imitated concept Big Eyes, now applied through an advanced assembly system that achieves a minimum thickness frame (6mm) and diminishes remarkably the mask’s weight to 175 gr with strap included. The frame doesn’t need a circle to fix the glasses that increased the thickness of the mask, but it’s the principal case itself to round and press the skirt over the glasses assembling the mask.

The reduced frame and skirt’s structure of flat adaptation allow a great approach of the glasses to the eyes without issues of contact with the frame.

So, the intern volume is reduced to the minimum and all frame vision is eliminated from the inside.

15º inclined and extended glasses over the cheeks increase the inferior visibility more than 30% regarding the one of a traditional mask, while the superior and side visibility are increased to the limit that allows the frame’s thickness: total vision -5% in superior visibility and total vision -10% in side visibility.

Particularly studied structural rigidity of the central bridge to avoid losing the plane of the glasses due to an excess of tension of the strap that could cause optical distortions.

Matrix incorporates a new buckles system integrated on the frame and they’re oriented to the right directions of the strap’s tension. So, the buckle remains well protected of possible blows. Only the pusher excels to the outside and allows a very precise tension regulation. The strap, totally redesigned, has a wider support area and it’s flexible but at the same time resistant.

Excellent mask for snorkeling, diving and apnea.

 Technical features

  • Double lenses mask.
  • Versions: clear silicone, black silicone.
  • Materials: liquid silicone, technopolymers and tempered glass.
  • Tilting buckle of immediate regulation.
  • Internal volume: 135cm3.
  • Frame dimensions: 163x91mm.
  • Weight (strap included): 175 g.
  • Non available graduated lenses