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Cressi Pro Star Fins

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Cressi Pro Star fins are a futuristic fin, deriving from the Cressi deep sea skin-diving models, which introduces the use of more reactive materials also in the full foot fin sector of normal length.

In fact, the blade is not made from copolymer but from exceptionally light and reactive polypropylene.
This material is combined with a comfortable thermo-rubber, used for the foot, for the side stringers and for various inserts.
The blade originates from the upper part of the foot pocket, with a 20% increase in useful surface area compared to a traditional fin of the same length.
The side stringers extend for a good way along the blade, continuing in a protective seal around the whole edge of the blade.Two stabilizing flaps on the end of the blade, on the sole of the foot, guarantee excellent direction of the fin during kicking.
The excellent, highly anatomic, computer-designed foot, guarantees optimum transmission of leg-fin thrust.The resulting cocktail is a formidable product that makes kicking easier and powerful at the same time.Pro Star, together with Reaction Pro model, is the most powerful full-foot fin in the Cressi range, except for models specifically designed for deep-sea skin diving and is an excellent choice for snorkeling, skin-diving and scuba dives.