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Cressi Tokugawa Pro OC 3.5mm 2pc Suit

The Tokugawa is a two-piece, 3.5mm wetsuit and is excellent spearfishing and freediving wetsuit. It was designed specifically for use in blue waters as a perfect hardwearing spearfishing and pool training suit. The suit's pattern provides ultimate camo for all environments. 

The Tokugawa 3.5 mm closed cell is a 2-piece suit wetsuit, which includes high-top pants and a jacket with a built-in hood, only sold together. It is manufactured with flexible, comfortable, soft neoprene. This material is designed for flexibility.

Its anatomical design cuts offer a comfortable form-fitted feel. The suit design is pre-shaped arms and legs that improve flexibility and the ease of swimming. The suits are fitted with an extended knee pad that covers and protects the suit and you ??????????????????? including shin reinforcement. This aids in increasing the life of your suit if you're kneeling on the ocean floor a lot when spearfishing. The Tokugawa is fitted with a high-density loading chest pad. The Dura Stretch Nylon Lining delivers an amazing compromise between stretch, comfort, and durability of the suit.

Available in 3.5 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm thicknesses.


Open Cell wetsuits are prone to tearing if proper lubrication is not used when donning on the suit. The recommended lubrication to use is a water based personal lubricant or a specialised wetsuit lubricant. Shampoos & conditioners will shorten the life of your suit if used. Failing to properly lubricate your wetsuit will result in the failure and damage of your suit, any damage or internal tears are not covered under warranty.

NOTE: It's recommended to remove any jewellery, watches, and to trim any sharp finger/toenails before putting on the suit.

When washing the suit, no form of detergent or soap should be used as this will breakdown, stretch, and shorten lifespan of your suit which is not covered under warranty.