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Daiwa 20 Demon Blood Rod

Daiwa Demon Blood Rod

Daiwa?s Demon Blood range has been synonymous with the tough and often brutal fishing which Australia is so famous for. In 2021, Daiwa has redeveloped the Demon Blood to bring a new level of performance and expanded the range to cater for the ever-growing demand for sportfishing actions suitable for casting, or jigging for hard-fighting predators.

The first thing you?ll notice about the new Demon Blood is the return of the distinctive red colour. A throwback to the original series, the red area not only looks fantastic but signifies the section of the blank where Daiwa has included 3DX carbon. 3DX is Daiwa?s exclusive carbon technology which creates an interlocking weave of high-modulus carbon fibre which significantly increases torsional stiffness. The upgrades don?t stop there either, Daiwa?s new X45X Full Shield has been incorporated from where the 3DX finishes, throughout the entire rod blank. The next iteration from Daiwa?s famous X45, X45X Full Shield is up to 25% more efficient in its benefits of increased torsional stiffness and increased stiffness to weight ratio. That means the new Demon Bloods not only are lighter than their predecessors but will outperform them as well.

Fuji components outfit the new blanks with Alconite ringed stainless-steel guides and DPS reel seats with locking nuts across the range. A few key points of the new Demon Blood are the use of reversed MN frame guides as stripper guides and K? series anti-tangle guides towards the tip sections.

If you?re looking for a new outfit to tame some monsters from the deep or maybe chase some addictive topwater action on the reef, look no further than the brand new, redeveloped range of Demon Blood rods from Daiwa.


20 DEMON BLOOD S56-6/8 Spin 1 5'6"/168cm Heavy Fast 200-450g PE 6-8 16144
20 DEMON BLOOD S59-4/6 Spin 1 5'9"/175cm Heavy Fast 150-350g PE 4-6 16145
20 DEMON BLOOD S60-2/3 Spin 1 6'/183cm Medium Heavy Fast 80-180g PE 2-3 16146
20 DEMON BLOOD S63-4/5 Spin 1 6'3"/191cm Heavy Fast 120-300g PE 4-5 16147
20 DEMON BLOOD S64-3/4 Spin 1 6'4"/193cm Medium Heavy Fast 90-230g PE 3-4 16148
20 DEMON BLOOD S69-2/3 Spin 1 6'9"/206cm Medium Heavy Fast 30-120g PE 2-3 16149
20 DEMON BLOOD S69-4/8 Spin 1 6'9"/206cm Heavy Fast 40-200g PE 4-8 16150
20 DEMON BLOOD S702-3/5 Spin 2 7'/213cm Medium Heavy Fast 60-120g PE 3-5 16151
20 DEMON BLOOD S73-2/3 Spin 2 (butt) 7'3"/221cm Medium Heavy Fast 15-45g PE 2-3 16152
20 DEMON BLOOD S73-3/5 Spin 2 (butt) 7'3"/221cm Heavy Fast 30-90g PE 3-5 16153
20 DEMON BLOOD S76-8/10 Spin 2 (butt) 7'6"/229cm Extra Heavy Fast 120-230g PE 8-10 16154
20 DEMON BLOOD S77-4/6 Spin 2 (butt) 7'7"/213cm Medium Heavy Fast 35-100g PE 4-6 16155
20 DEMON BLOOD S792-4/6 Spin 2 7'9"/236cm Heavy Fast 90-230g PE 4-6 16156
20 DEMON BLOOD S80-6/8 Spin 2 (butt) 8'/244cm Heavy Fast 80-180g PE 6-8 16157
20 DEMON BLOOD S83-2/4 Spin 2 (butt) 8'3"/251cm Heavy Fast 20-70g PE 2-4 16158
20 DEMON BLOOD S85-4/6 Spin 2 (butt) 8'5"/257cm Heavy Fast 60-160g PE 4-6 16159
20 DEMON BLOOD S932-2/4 Spin 2 9'3"/282cm Medium Heavy Fast 20-90g PE 2-4 16160
20 DEMON BLOOD S962-3/5 Spin 2 9'6"/290cm Heavy Fast 50-120g PE 3-5 16161


20 DEMON BLOOD B56-6/8 Overhead 1 5'6"/168cm Heavy Fast 200-450g PE 6-8 16162
20 DEMON BLOOD B58-4/6 Overhead 1 5'8"/173cm Heavy Fast 150-350g PE 4-6 16163
20 DEMON BLOOD B60-2/3 Overhead 1 6'/183cm Medium Heavy Fast 80-180g PE 2-3 16164