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Daiwa 20 Lexa WN Reel

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Strong, unforgiving, and designed to handle battle, the legendary Lexa WN baitcaster receives an overhaul, with a new frame, upgraded clutch and ultra-comfortable Winn grips elevating the 20 Lexa WN to a new level of comfort, power and performance.

Featuring a rock-solid construction, WN features many of Daiwa’s best designs and technologies including, UTD, Infinite Anti Reverse, and Magforce. Anglers seeking a heavy-duty baitcaster with a little extra power and comfort thanks to the addition of the Winn handle knobs.

WN300H 6.3 328g 6BB (2CRBB); 1RB 10kg 27322
WN300HL 6.3 328g 6BB (2CRBB); 1RB 10kg 27323
WN300HS 7.1 328g 6BB (2CRBB); 1RB 10kg 27324
WN300HSL 7.1 328g 6BB (2CRBB); 1RB 10kg 27325