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Daiwa 23 TD Hyper

Daiwa Team Daiwa Hyper 23

A third generation TD HYPER pays homage to the previous versions, whilst elevating the series to new heights in both performance and looks. A sleek new satin grey finish underpins core Daiwa technologies of HVF Nanoplus blanks outfitted with X45. A high-modulus carbon fibre featuring bi-axial graphite cloth to reduce blank twist resulting in a rod that feels crisp and responsive in the hand.

Adorned with Fuji?s latest anti-tangle ?O? ring guides which is a huge upgrade to the previous generation, the new anti-tangle shape reduces line trouble especially when fishing in windy conditions. Daiwa exclusive reel seats feature on all models, and are physically lighter than the previous models, further reducing overall rod weight and increasing sensitivity. An expansive range of actions, TD HYPER has a model to suit all scenarios from fresh to salt and north to south. 

DAIWA REEL SEAT: One of the strengths of Daiwa rod design. Designing and producing exclusive reel seats allows Daiwa rods to be unique with functional benefits over the competition. More comfortable, better designs and unique looks is what Daiwa reel seat design is all about.

FUJI STAINLEES STEEL GUIDES: Light, strong, and highly corrosion resistant, Fuji stainless steel guides are tailor-made for Australia's harsh conditions.

HVF NANOPLUS: Through the use of nano resin control technology in the blank construction process, Nanoplus allows for increased graphite density to be achieved within a graphite rod blank.

X45: Developed to eliminate blank twist and increase power, X45 features a Bias Wrap Construction, left/right 45 degree carbon weave within the blank. X45 radically improves rod strength and durability by eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form. The elimination of this twist allows for a lighter, stronger and more powerful and sensitive rod.


23 TD HYPER 602LFS Light Spin 6'0"/183cm Fast 2-10g 1.5-3kg 2 13880
23 TD HYPER 601XHFS X-Heavy Spin 6'0"/183cm Fast 25-85g 7-15kg 1 13881
23 TD HYPER 631MLFS Med-Light Spin 6'3"/190cm Fast 9-38g 3-6kg 1 13882
23 TD HYPER 641MHFS Med-Heavy Spin 6'4"/193cm Fast 7-40g 4-9kg 1 13883
23 TD HYPER 641HFS Heavy Spin 6'4"/193cm Fast 12-50g 6-12kg 1 13884
23 TD HYPER 662ULFS Ultra-Light Spin 6'6"/198cm Fast 1-5g 1-2kg 2 13885
23 TD HYPER 661LFS Light Spin 6'6"/198cm Fast 2-10g 1.5-3kg 1 13886
23 TD HYPER 662MLFS Med-Light Spin 6'6"/198cm Fast 4-14g 2-6kg 2 13887
23 TD HYPER 701ULXS Ultra-Light Spin 7'0"/213cm X Fast 1-5g 1-2kg 1 13888
23 TD HYPER 702ULXS Ultra-Light Spin 7'0"/213cm X Fast 1-5g 1-2kg 2 13889
23 TD HYPER 701LXS Light Spin 7'0"/213cm X Fast 2-10g 1.5-3kg 1 13890
23 TD HYPER 702LXS Light Spin 7'0"/213cm X Fast 2-10g 1.5-3kg 2 13891
23 TD HYPER 701MLXS Med-Light Spin 7'0"/213cm X Fast 4-14g 2-6kg 1 13892
23 TD HYPER 702MLXS Med-Light Spin 7'0"/213cm X Fast 4-14g 2-6kg 2 13893
23 TD HYPER 701MFS Medium Spin 7'0"/213cm Fast 6-28g 3-8kg 1 13894
23 TD HYPER 702MHFS Med-Heavy Spin 7'0"/213cm Fast 7-40g 4-9kg 2 13895
23 TD HYPER 701HFS Heavy Spin 7'0"/213cm Fast 12-50g 6-12kg 1 13896
23 TD HYPER 742ULFS Ultra-Light Spin 7'4"/223cm Fast 1-5g 1-2kg 2 13897
23 TD HYPER 763LXS-S Light Spin 7'6"/228cm Fast 1-10g 1-4kg 3(Mid+Tip) 13898
23 TD HYPER 762MHFS Med-Heavy Spin 7'6"/228cm Fast 7-40g 4-9kg 2 13899
23 TD HYPER 762XHFS X-Heavy Spin 7'6"/228cm Fast 25-80g 7-15kg 2 13900
23 TD HYPER 782LRS Light Spin 7'8"/234cm Reg 5-25g 2-5kg 2 13901
23 TD HYPER 862ULXS Ultra-Light Spin 8'6"/259cm X Fast 2-12g 2-5kg 2 13902


23 TD HYPER 561HFB Heavy Baitcast 5'6"/167cm Fast 12-50g 6-12kg 1 13903
23 TD HYPER 602MHFB Med-Heavy Baitcast 6'0"/183cm Fast 10-45g 4-9kg 2 13904
23 TD HYPER 601HFB Heavy Baitcast 6'0"/183cm Fast 12-50g 6-12kg 1 13905
23 TD HYPER 641MLFB Med-Light Baitcast 6'4"/193cm Fast 4-12g 2-6kg 1 13906
23 TD HYPER 641MHFB Med-Heavy Baitcast 6'4"/193cm Fast 10-45g 4-9kg 1 13907
23 TD HYPER 701MHFB Med-Heavy Baitcast 7'0"/213cm Fast 7-28g 5-10kg 1 13909


23 TD HYPER 661XH-SB X-Heavy Swimbait 6'6"/198cm Fast 14-150g 15-24kg 1 13908
23 TD HYPER 762XH-SB X-Heavy Swimbait 7'6"/228cm Fast Max 220g 15-24kg 2 13910