Decoy Treble Hook Y-S25 Pkt

Decoy trebles have been built to a purpose and are available in 3 styles of trebles – Standard Y Shape, T Shape and Quad Shape. All have selected point, material, eye end, forged, welding (solid-system) and particular finishes.

Designed with Black Bream in mind, the Decoy Y-S25 trebles offer a surprising amount of strength for such a fine hook and remain sharp fish after fish.

Decoy Y-S25 features:

  • Point – Decoy hooks use various tapering on its needle point they select the 'best taper design' for different target areas
  • Forged – Decoy hooks have to go through a strictly controlled forging process
  • Welding – Welding and heat-hardening process are ‘auto-controlled’ and the ‘accurate solid system’ is also weight controlled.