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GULP Slime Powdered Scent


  • Convenient flip top lid container
  • Simply wet your lure, drop it in, shake, then cast
  • Can be used on hard baits, squid jigs and soft baits
  • Creates a 100% water soluble clear slime trail
  • Developed in the Berkley® R&D facility at Spirit Lake, USA
  • When its Gulp!® You know it works

The team at Berkley® have a strong history of innovation, particularly in the scent department. Berkley® scientists made the connection between a fish’s sense of taste and the advantages it brings to increasing catch rates back in the 80’s. Fast forward to 2022 and you have decades of scientific research applied to an all new, next generation fish attractant, Berkley® Gulp!® Slime.

Berkley® have been able to package all the active scent and taste components that make Gulp!® so effective into a new dry powder attractant that can be applied to any lure.
The process to apply the scent is straightforward: wet your lure and drop it into the Gulp!® Slime container of dry powder, then gently close the lid, give it a shake and cast. It’s that simple. Once in the water the powder attached to your lure rapidly turns into a clear slime that disperses the Gulp!® scent formula in a fish attracting scent trail like no other. Your Fish. Our Science. It’s what the people in white coats do best at Berkley®.