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Icey Tek Hard Gel Pack

These hard gel packs are designed for serious outdoors people. The larger volume of each ice pack will give a longer lasting cooling effect than using multiple small packs.

Coupled with the large flat design, it will cool the contents of your ice box very quickly and will not make the contents wet and having water slosh around in the bottom of your cooler, keeping the contents dry.

Our PCM (Phase Change Material) formulation contains non toxic agents added to make the thawing time longer than regular water. These gel packs can freeze in your household freezer in 24 hours, although 48 hours or more is best for longer lasting results.

Made from strong polyethylene outer casing that will withstand most of the abuse thrown at it from regular use in your cooler. It is also food safe and will not taint your food or drinks.

The 2 sizes are

Size 2 is 300 mm x 200 mm x 35 mm

Size 4 is 347 mm x 295 mm x 45 mm

We recommend using at least a Size 2 Gel Pack of these hard gel packs per 20 litres of cooler volume for each 24 hour period of use. 

Or a Size 4 for each 40L itres of ice box Capacity - per 24 hours of use required.

So 1 x 2kg Gel Pack would be the minimum for a 20L cooler for 24 hours of use.

For a 75 litre cooler, You would want 4 x Size 2 Gel Packs OR 2 x Size 4 Gel Packs for each 24 hour period of use.

Best results are obtained if the food and drinks are already cold before adding to the cooler and the cooler has been pre-cooled with ice or gel bricks and you replace with fresh gel bricks as you pack with food.