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MVD Loading Hooks

The MVD Loading Hook Kit has been manufactured exclusively in-house by MVD using their state of the art CAD/CAM/CNC technology machinery (ISO 9001) and represent maximum innovation and refinement in an easy and reliable package. The MVD Loading Hook Kit was primarily built to assist with the conversion of your Rob Allen gun into a more powerful roller gun. The MVD Loading Hook Kit is suitable for all Rob Allen spearguns with either the Vecta or Vecta 2 handles. It can also be used on any speargun to anchor the bands when building a Roller Speargun

On the Rob Allen Separguns, they have been designed to directly replace the screws that hold the handle onto the barrel of your gun. When you replace the original screws with the loading hooks, you now have a hook on either side of the handle to lock the bottom side of your roller band set up. 

This is a preferable alternative to looping the line through your trigger guard because at the end of your fishing sessin, you can simply unhook the bands, releasing the constant tension of having it looped arouind your handle, and extending the life of your speargun bands.