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Nomad Tufflock Multicolour X9 Braid

TUFFLOCK 9X Braid has the toughness locked in for when it matters.

The 9X braiding process creates a round profile braided line that lays better on your spool and provides improved casting distance and smoother freefall off the spool when jigging. The Microweave braiding process ensures a tight weave with increased strength while retaining the soft and supple feel you want. The Hydroslick coating offers superb abrasion resistance as well as increased casting distance. Designed and tested in Australia using decades of on the water experience Tufflock 9X braid is perfect for any distance casting, jigging or trolling application.

Features colour change every 10 metres - Orange, Purple and Blue alternating.

 Tufflock 20  20lb / 9.1kg  0.23  9
 Tufflock 30  30lb / 13.7kg  0.29  9
 Tufflock 40  40lb / 18.2kg  0.33  9
 Tufflock 50  50lb / 22.7kg  0.37  9
 Tufflock 65  65lb / 29.6kg  0.40  9
 Tufflock 80  80lb / 36.4kg  0.47  9
 Tufflock 100  100lb / 45.4kg  0.50  9