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Ocean Hunter Apex DS3 Foatline

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Ocean Hunter Apex DS3 float lines are the heavy-duty float line for stopping the biggest fish and the worst behaved!

Our 3 Atmosphere float has been a game changer in the Bluewater Spearfishing industry. It’s taken some of the biggest fish in the ocean and has proven to be hard to beat. But we always knew that the best float deserves the best floatline.

The APEX DS3 is that line. Available in 15m, 20m, and 30m lengths this floatline is ready for anything you can through at it.

DS3 construction:
– D: Dynamic stretch line. Integrated 10% stretch factor to reduce shocks loading and lost fish

– S: Floating spectra middle sheath increases strength and fighting power

– 3: 3 layer lamination made up of;

Layer 1: HD neoprene inner core. Guaranteed floatation regardless of damage

Layer 2: soft woven UHDWPE inner fighting sheath. Makes this line strong enough to tackle any fish in the ocean.

Layer 3: Polyurethane coated woven spectra outer sheath. UV stable and great texture for fighting fish. Hi-Vis yellow and red finish.

The float line is finished with looped ends shackle and HD 5” shark clip and swivel. The looped ends allow the diver to use their preferred connection method to their rig. Reef rig, Bluewater rig, breakaway etc.


  • Available in 15m, 20m, and 30m lengths
  • DS3 construction
  • HD neoprene core
  • No sinking float lines!
  • UHDWPE fighting sheath
  • Hi-Vis braided outer sheath
  • Oversize 5” HD shark clip and swivel
  • Looped ends
  • UV stable outer sheath
  • Built to handle the biggest, hardest fighting fish in the ocean