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Ocean Hunter Plush Sock 2mm

Ocean Hunter Plush Socks

The Ocean Hunter Plush Socks can be used with closed foot fins for greater warmth and to protect the skin from scratches and chafing.  Also you can use them with firm-soled boots, using open-heel fins.  Likewise, just give yourself some extra warmth when spending a long time in the water. In this case, warmth is considerably increased and it is also easier to put on your wetsuit boots, and we all know how hard that can be. These are one of the most comfortable socks on the market today due to the seams being where normal sock seams are so therefore, they’re extremely comfortable.

The stretchy material makes for ease of putting them on and off. The Plush socks are a must have when purchasing closed heel fins, as they make everything so much more comfortable.  Fast drying, odour resistant, very durable and with non-slip souls you’ll find nothing about these socks you don’t like!  Also highly abrasion and velcro resistant.  Additionally, these are great for avoiding toe-nails and rough heals from damaging expensive wetsuits!

These just might be the comfiest fin socks you’ve ever worn.

Available in sizes XS (4-5), S (6-7), M (8-9), L (10-11), XL (12-13)