Okuma Cal's Grease and Corrosion X Oil

The Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit includes a 30g tub of universal reel grease and a tube of Corrosion X Heavy Duty. This kit was put together to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion that results in rust and corrosion. The Corrosion-X HD forms a dripless, dynamic, non-hardening, self healing film that resists corrosion from splash and spray.

Includes a 30g tub of Cal's Universal Reel Grease and tube of Corrosion-X HD Oil - Part #1141

  • Maximum corrosion protection

  • Fortified with teflon and polymers

  • Little or no drag acceleration

  • Exceptionally smooth drag performance

  • Superior heat and wear resistance

  • Safe on all metals and common plastics

  • Reduces gear train friction for easier cranking