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Olltolos Lure Special FC Line

Olltolos FC Lure Special is a new fluorocarbon line that is the first of its kind - a double coated 100% fluorocarbon line that can be used as a leader, or as a main line for straight through fishing applications.

 Breaking Strain
Diameter (mm)
PE Diameter
3lb .148mm 0.8
4lb .165mm 1
6lb .205mm 1.5 100M
8lb .235mm 2 100M
10lb .260mm 2.5 100M
12lb .285mm 3 100M
14lb .310mm 3.5 100M
16lb .330mm 4 100M
20lb .370mm 5 100M
24lb .405mm 6 100M
28lb .435mm 7 100M