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Port / Starboard Nav Light

BLA Navigation Lights - Side Mount

Our most popular selling navigation lights. Lenses are separately gasket sealed at the base. U.V. stabilised injection moulded plastic housing. Chrome brass and bronze bulb contacts. 12 volt, sold as a pair. Length: 136mm Height: 61mm Depth: 47mm Mount Screws: 4mm c/s

124031 Replacement bulb 5W/12V


BLA Navigation Lights - LED Side Mount

Clean contoured shape to blend with the boat aesthetics. No edges to catch on ropes or crew. LED reliability, energy efficiency and low heat generation. Clear lens for maximum illumination. The red and green colour is created by the LED. High quality, U.V. stabilised plastic housing. 12 volt, sold as a pair. Meets 72 COLREGS.

Base: 90x56mm Depth: 37mm Mount Screws: 4mm c/s