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Profishent Tackle Vixen Blade 6g


For saltwater to freshwater fishing the new master of the waters is represented by an amazing new blade lure, the Profishent Tackle Vixen Blade designed to entice a massive variety of fish species the list is too huge. However, what we can say is that anglers that chase, flathead, whiting, yellowbelly and bream are going drooling at the choppers over this new lure.

Sure, the Profishent Vixen Blade by Profishent tackle looks similar in profile to some other brands out there, this profile works. Where the Vixen blade excels over a similar class of lures in the market is the astonishing colours that the brand development team at Profishent tackle have come up with, they're all big selling colours with some of these colours further enhanced by the addition of Extreme UV in the paintwork.

Profishent Tackle Blade lures cast well, especially on light line classes. The profile is such, where versatility has been kept in mind and incorporated through design process. It's a lure that allows multiple retrieve actions from being slow rolled, hopped or cranked back moderately fast. It has two different tow points for maximum vibration and calibration to your personal liking.

Designed for freshwater and saltwater fishing in lakes, rivers and dams it's certainly worth having a Profishent Vixen Blade in your lure box, even for when the fish are a little shut down and need something to awaken their appetite.


  • Profile: Shrimp blade fishing Lure
  • Tow point options: 2
  • Vibrating action on retrieve
  • Lure weight: Approx 6 grams
  • Lure Size: Approx 39mm
  • Lure clip included
  • Two sharp BKK assist hooks
  • Some colours have been Extreme UV Enhanced (identified in our ordering menu)
  • Perfect for both fresh and saltwater fishing
  • Ideal for use in lakes, rivers and dams
  • Target species include: Bream, flathead, whiting, yellowbelly and other perch, plus a host of other inshore species.